Factors that Affect Your Leasing



3S Aviations worldwide leasing contracts bear testimony to our global reach and leasing capabilities. We specialize in providing Customized Leasing options for our customers in Offshore & Onshore operations.

Why Choose 3S Aviations?

  • Dedicated Team with vast experience in the Aviation Industry.
  • Ability to offer Wet, Dry or Damp Lease based on our customer’s requirements.
  • A large network of suppliers exclusively associated with us offering a variety of Aircrafts to choose from.
  • Wide variety of Aircrafts available in our inventory ranging from Light Single Engine to Heavy Twin Engine Aircrafts



Aircraft / Rotorcraft Leasing

  • Awaiting delivery of a new aircraft.
  • Aircraft undergoing scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.
  • Requiring additional lift while evaluating purchase of another aircraft.
  • Budgetary controls for immediate aircraft acquisition.
  • Meet short term immediate contracts not warranting an aircraft acquisition.